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Best Selling G7 Forex Trading System - Available Only At The Traders Clubforex training courses

G7 Forex System Review

The G7 Forex trading system was designed by a professional banker with over 6 years of fund trading and bank trading experience. This seasoned trader has incorporated a lot of the trading tricks & techniques used by the banks and institutional forex traders.

In the trading material you will recieve, you will be shown exactly how to set up your charts, which currencies to trade, how to spot the setups and how to enter and exit the trades - exactly as traders at the large banks do.


The G7 Forex system is simple, effective and uncomplicated. The best selling G7 Bank Forex Trading System is only available at The Traders Club.


This complete, proven bank Forex trading system Ebook is the May 2008 upgrade version. This version is not available to the public - and is exclusive to members of The Trading Club). It describes the G7 Forex Trading system in detail, including a step by step guide to setting up your charts, which currencies should be traded, what times of the day are safest, how to determine market direction each week, how to identify trade entry set-ups, how to manage your account and trade size, what leverage to be used, where to place stop losses, when to exit profitable trades and managing your time most effectively.


Membership in The Trading Club has many advantages, including the exclusive access to the G7 Forex system. Here are a few of the membership details. For a comprehensive listing, visit the site here.


Member's Advantage #1:

The Traders Club A-Z Forex Training Course

forex systemsGet our 180 page Forex training course published by the Traders Club, designed to give you the complete A-Z of Forex trading, from getting started, three powerful trading systems, and how to trade for a living.

This is our own training manual �Forex for learners�. We have tried to keep the course short and sweet and specifically address what we believe to be important. We have also added links to associated material that can be found elsewhere on the site.

Value $399


Member's Advantage #2:

The Best Selling G7 Bank Forex Trading System - Now Only Available At The Traders training courses

Our complete, proven bank Forex trading system (May 2008 upgrade version not available to the public - and never will be)

This is an E-book describing the G7 Forex Trading system in detail. Inside, you'll find a step by step guide to setting up your charts and determining which currencies should be traded. You'll find tips on what times of the day are safest and the best means for determining market direction each week. The book also includes comprehensive sections on how to identify trade entry set-ups, how to manage your account and trade size, and what leverage to be used. Finally, to protect your capital, you'll find information on where to place stop losses, when to exit profitable trades and how to manage your time.

Value $329


Membership Advantage #3:

Ebook and Software Library

Powerful  articles and E-books by leading international authors on the 10 most important Forex trading skills. You cannot get these anywhere without paying over $200.

learn forex trading3 Exclusive Software tools to help you manage your trades and your money 

4 of our own "Sold Out" Ebooks plus a whole host of other high-value e-books, which will literally change everything you thought you knew about making money in Forex trading -

Value $429


Membership Advantage #4:

The Traders Club Video Library

Video library pre-stocked with a huge collection of over 65 Hard-Hitting, Power Packed Forex videos,forex club covering everything from trading systems, technical analysis, psychology to trailing stop losses -

People have paid thousands of dollars for seminars which James held over 7 years ago in various countries, in which he shared far less information than is available here. He no longer offers his knowledge in any seminar, or to any forum.

Value $350



Member's Advantage #5:

The Traders Club "Inner sanctum"

We've saved the best untilforex strategies last! Member's get full access to our "inner sanctum" videos, reports and insights made live, un-scripted and in real time, as we take you through our lives as professional, multi-million dollar traders.

We also give you unlimited access to our email hotline, plus member's forum and chat room. Read more about the Inner Sanctum lower down in this letter-



All of this content is yours for immediate download, 24/7. You get over $1600 worth of incredible Forex education, videos and tools - just to get going - and as a "thanks for joining!" from us.

Most of this stuff is not available to the public anywhere else -  you will not be able to buy this on any website on the internet, and it will never be made available to anyone else apart from members of The Trader's Club. Period.


A lot of the material has been developed by multi-million dollar Forex traders, specifically for The Trader's Club. (James also tells his fascinating Forex story inside the club)

This educational material will kick-start you into the Forex market faster and more powerfully than anything else you will have seen.


The support provided by the G7 Forex Trading team at The Trading Club is really comprehensive and designed to mentor you along the way. For example, you will recieve video library of additional training videos on the G7 forex system, extra forex training material, bonus books and software as well as support in terms of a member's forum, a member's chat room and an email hotline.


For more details and information on how to receive all of The Trading Club materials, including the complete ebook on the G7 Forex system, Click Here.


Guarantee: The complete Trading Club materials and G7 Forex System ebook are covered by a comprehensive 8 week guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply email The Trading Club any time within 8 weeks of joining, and you will receive a refund for every cent of your payment.



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